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Boerenjongens houden van scherpe, heldere maar ook onderscheidende mensen en producten. Die laten we daarom ook graag aan jullie zien.

De riem scooter

The appearance of the combustion engine, alongside it's application in many vehicles supplied a strong base for the revolutionary changes within the realms of transportation. In these days the obligation and slow movement toward leaving them behind changes our life entirely, advocating the search for supplies of alternative energy and hybrid technologies. Our physical need to move around gains an entirely new meaning in the future, depending on the price  we are willing to pay for it, in terms of the fast approaching ecological changes. The internet can provide a solution alongside supplying a direction towards the development of a realistic virtual existence, which is a well known phenomena these days. The role of car is completely different,  ascending above all of these problems. They are helping us to move between two points, simplified beyond measure. Compared to public transport, the car offers its advantage in independence, and personal space alongside the sense of a safe space with the ability to choose the take-off and destination points. The main problem of the electric versions currently being under development are that the awkwardness of the energy supply puts a powerful limitation on efficiency and distance. We can bypass the problem by turning the equation around, making it's seeming disadvantage into our advantage. Taking into consideration that public transport is mainly concerned with mass transportation within a city, and the departure times are running right accross the whole day, this blurs the boundary between the gap of departure times. This forms the base of our journey. This is complemented by the aforementioned point of departure and arrival, which eventually differs each time. The most efficient vehicles that bridge these two points in the shortest time are those powered by leg power, whose need for specific pathways is a must in every developing city. There is one thing even more important, and that is storage. A vast range of methods has been developed in recent in years but these will all become obsolete if the vehicle is developed that is entirely portable, even wearable as part of our clothing.

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InspriratieDennis Soeters